«Ideal Garnish»
Long gone are the days when canned peas were associated only with Olivier salad and corn with crab salad! Indeed, today, it is a full-fledged garnish for any meat dish or the basis of a vegetarian menu. And why not just open a jar of tomatoes and eat them instead of something starchy or sweet? Believe me, the pleasure goes off scale) And remember, conserved foods come from the word "conserve", which means "save". Save all the advantages of a product.

Garnir Garnirych
The Perfect Chef

About us

«Kubanskiy Konservniy Kombinat» Ltd, one of the largest Russian manufacturers of canned fruits and vegetables. Our company has its own agricultural production and a modern processing plant that produces more than 100 types of fruits and vegetables preservation.
Since 2007 we have been doing our business and now we cooperate with the largest retail chains «Auchan», «Magnit», «X5 Retail» («Pyaterochka», «Perekrestok», «Karusel») and others with a total amount more than 10,000 stores where our products are presented.
Also in Russia, the CIS and the UAE our partners are more than 70 distribution companies representing our brands.

Garnir Garnirych
The Perfect Chef

Do you want to know why is our garnish ideal?
... or at least 3 reasons to love us
Own production
Own largest cannery in the Kuban - Kubanskiy Konservniy Kombinat. First we grow raw materials in our fields, and then send them to the can in accordance with the highest standards!))
Original design
Spectacular and brutal packaging distinguishes us from competitors on the yellow-green shelf.
Keep up with the times!
The main credo of the "Ideal garnish" is that canned food must be fast, tasty and healthy! We develop our brand in the most creative ways to make you remember us!
Our products

Among consumers, there are more and more those who refuse to consume sugar. There can be various reasons for this: various diseases, proper nutrition, diets and simply the rejection of harmful foods! That is why we have produced especially for you a limited consignment of peas and corn WITHOUT ADDED SUGAR!
Sugar-free canned peas are made using the latest membrane lid vacuum technology. It opens easily, does not cut with its edge, and the jar itself is perfectly closed with a plastic lid, which will allow you to use this jar in everyday life.

Quality certificates

In confirmation of the quality of our product, the ingredients used, the quality of the organization of production and purity, we received certificates from the Halal International Center and the Quality Mark "Made in Kuban". Our Kuban Cannery Сombine does not use any additives and GMOs in the production of canned vegetables!

Krasnodar, st. Uralskaya, 95
We will be glad to cooperate with you and make this world a better place!
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